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Janet Conte, Washington State

By Peggy Lutz

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Janet Conte, Washington State

Hi Peg,

I am returning a pair of shoes and a dress I ordered elsewhere. That is one of the many things I just love about your creations: I know they will fit!!! Do you have any idea how wonderful that is?

Thank you so much for your kind understanding and as always for your beautiful clothes.



Hi Peg,

My Latest Peg Lutz creations came Saturday. It is always a thrill to see that Peg Lutz return address label.

The dress and jacket I ordered for the wedding are perfect, exquisite and mouth watering. I had a hard time putting them away in my closet. The colors and pattern are so beautiful, I wanted to hang them on the wall and enjoy them as art. The fit is good, the length is perfect and I am a very happy camper. I can’t wait to wear them to the wedding. O Boy!

I am actually sewing today, working on tiny little dresses for my nieces in Germany. I stop from time to time to go pet my new blue and green ensemble that is going to Germany with me. The sun is out here today and the fabrics just shimmer in that bright light.

Meanwhile I am taking a suitcase full of Peggy Lutz creations to Europe where I plan to knock their socks off.

Hi Dear Janet:

As always, it was a pleasure talking this am. I’m thrilled that you’re pleased with the wedding ensemble

Much love, xoxo PEG


Hi Peg: I wore my gorgeous Peggy Lutz creation at a wedding reception in a garden in Karlsruhe, Germany. I was in this beautiful set for 19 hours that day. I felt comfortable and beautiful the entire time.
Thank you SO much,



Hi Peg,

I can’t wait to see my new goodies! I think I am addicted to your clothes. Does Betty Ford have a unit for people with this problem?

I was looking at my last bunch of swatches, and there is a nice silver in there in one of the slither collections. I already have two slither dresses though; diversity is always nice.

I took my swatches in for show and tell to work today and they were much admired. I’m doing everything in my power to bring customers to your door. My friend Laura Oliver is fondling my swatches even now and planning for a wedding in August around a “lipstick” color scheme. I am sure you could make something stunning for her in the perfect color. I hope she contacts you.



Hi Dear Janet:

Thanks so much for your email, you fashion addict, you! Seduced by Beauty, Yet Again is my siren call and obviously yours too.

I’ll send along some appropriate silvers, of course, when we ship your order, which goes out in a day or two.

xoxox PEG


Hi Miss Peg,

It is always such a delight to go get my package and open it up. It’s better than Christmas because I got to pick the present and I know it will fit. (My mother-in-law, bless her heart, always gave me clothes for Christmas that were at least 2 sizes too small. I think she thought they would make me lose weight.)  I am so glad I got the black jacket, it is beyond beautiful and well into the exquisite range. It delights me to think that I will be wearing it for the rest of my life, it is such a classic piece.

I have been fondling the silver samples; thank you so much for sending them. The one that comes closest to my original vision is the A04, but just the base fabric without the webby net. Does that make sense? I want something elegant and simple that the black jacket will look stunning with.  My second choice is A08, but I would rather go with a lustrous satin than a velvet.

We may be in a recession, but I hope I am contributing to a successful year for you.

Thank you again and again,


Hi Peg,

Today is my birthday and I wore one of my beautiful burn out kimono jackets. I had so many people compliment me on how lovely the jacket is and how nice I look in it. I cheerfully
gave you all of the credit for it and have been telling every one how to get to your web site.

I just showed my daughter (AKA my fashion consultant) the black jacket and she agrees it would be fabulous with the silver satin fabric.
Thank you so much,


Hi Peg,

Well, as I am sure you knew, now that I have seen it I have to keep it because I love it.

Hold on to your hair! Here comes the most amazing thing of all! I took it out of the box and tried it on and my beloved husband said: “That is beautiful. You can wear it with anything and you look great in it.”

My jaw hit the ground. As much as I love this man, he has never said anything about anything I have ever worn in my life. He did not tell me I looked beautiful in my wedding dress nearly 40 years ago when I was young and thin. Peg, you are a worker of wonders! You made my husband admire a piece of clothing upon my person. Clearly, the Lord is with you.

Thank you very much, as always, for the beautiful clothing.


I just thank God for your existence whenever I need something beautiful to wear.




Hi Peggy,

I always think I am done buying clothes and then I get a brain wave.

I am eagerly awaiting the Eden Silk Kimono and have been thinking about what I might wear it with. I have a pearl gray, satin shirt that I love. I was wearing it today and thinking about the kimono. Do you have any lustrous, pearl gray fabric that would make a nice calf length Juliet dress?

Feel free to tell me if you think it would be a totally goofy idea and let me know what such a thing would cost if you have a fabric that would be suitable. I just think that burn out black fabric would look fabulous against a rich but still background fabric. What do you think?


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