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Helen Bickers

By Peggy Lutz

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Helen Bickers

“The Juliet dress arrived today and it is GORGEOUS!!! The kimono is perfection, the fuschia is so flattering to a girl’s complexion. The length is on both pieces is fantastic. The silhouette is very nice, flowing and elegant. When I get the Serious Hair and warpaint on I will have a picture taken for you. I am so very very pleased with your beautiful work!
Best regards.”
Helen BickersThen, after the show …“Your work was a big hit, I got many compliments and gave credit where it’s due. Here are some quick snaps a fan made after the concert, (no time to arrange the folds really well) and edited to show the dress off best. I found turning out the lining on the front gave a nice vertical accent, very effective at distance.
Best regards.”
Helen Bickers, Atlanta, GA

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