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Find Your Signature Style. Build a wardrobe that expresses who you are, clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear, that fit like they were made for you, because they were.

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The LUTZ Lady

Seeking a plus-size mother-of-the-bride or special occasion jacket ensemble? Find the perfect Peggy Lutz jacket and we’ll make you a dress or separates to go with it.

Shop for your Signature Look: Why settle for less?

Shop by Size for your signature Peggy Lutz jacket and let us assist you with creating the ensemble.

Our fabrics are the finest. You can also request fabric swatches for a custom jacket or other garment. Enjoy silks, velvets, jeweled laces, rayon satin of all colors, brocade, tensel and rayon batiks. I collect unique textiles from around the world to offer you plenty of selection.

Using your personal measurements we ensure your ideal fit and style that is beautifully designed, constructed and made to our discriminating standards.

Working with our clients. CONTACT US for assistance. You’ll love our very personal service.

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